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During the weekends we offer different excursions to different cities in Spain. We run them in collaboration with a well-known travel agency in Salamanca. These excursions are available to Spanish students as well as foreign and each excursion is different every weekend.

The excursions are accompanied by guides that give tours of each city.

One day excursions are run on Saturday or Sunday. The price for these excursions varies from 45 to 50 euros per person.

Excursions of 2 or 3 days are run to Portugal, Andalucía and Galicia. The prices vary from 300 to 350 Euros and include bus, hotel with breakfast and travel insurance.

MADRID: Guided tour of the city , Prado Museum and Reina Sofía, the Retiro Park and Plaza Mayor.

TOLEDO: The entire city is an artistic and cultural monument.

SEGOVIA: Known for its Roman aqueduct and its old centre.

ÁVILA: With an impressive wall that circles the city.

LA ALBERCA: A historic and picturesque medieval village in La Sierra de Francia.


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